The Santa Clara County Library District Foundation was established to provide support for the Santa Clara County Library District.

Today’s public libraries provide free learning opportunities for all ages, from lending books to providing online tutors for students.  The library serves as the community’s informal learning place — whether you are a child learning to read, a student, an individual looking to improve job skills, or anyone needing access to a computer.  The Library is an open place of ideas that enrich our community life.  

The mission of the Santa Clara County Library District Foundation is to ignite the power of the Library to provide opportunities for all.  Funding supports district-wide services such as our bookmobiles, the Reading Program, and innovation that promotes learning and extends services to our county’s under-served areas.  

For 2019-2020, The Foundation seeks to help fund the following areas:

  • Increase the Bookmobile services to reach more of our underserved residents including seniors, individuals with physical limitations, children, and geographically remote residents
  • Support the Reading Program to eliminate the current wait time of 3-6 months for adults who want to learn to read.  The support will also allow us to train more qualified tutors which will create more one-on-one learner and tutor matches.   
  • Extend innovation that promotes learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, English Language Arts, Math).